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Legal Statements, Disclaimers, and Assertions of Copyrights (both domestic and international)

All copyrights, both domestic and international, are reserved. This includes both text and photographic content, and you may not copy from, publish, link to or otherwise use the materials on this site without my expressed permission or as allowed below under ‘fair use’ standards.

All queries, questions, and general pestering should be directed to me, Rebecca Morn, using the Contact link provided. Inquiries about obtaining republishing rights are welcome. (Yes, I’d like it if big famous places wanted my words or photographs.)

Email spam, multilevel marketing scams, mortgage refinanciers, Viagra peddlers, diet fad quackery, and any and all forms of telemarketing are NOT wanted. and its sponsoring company, Morn Enterprises, LLC, will charge spammers $500 for each email message sent to this address, or whatever the law will allow, whichever is higher. In other words, take me off your damned lists because I have a rule: I never EVER buy from companies that send unsolicited email. Got that? Good!

Disclaimer is a personal website representing the opinions and thoughts of exactly one person, namely myself, Rebecca Morn (aka Becca to my friends).
Note that word please: OPINION. It means this is what I think. If I say I don’t like something or someone, that’s an opinion.

The right to have this website up and visible to the public is based on the Constitutionally-protected rights to free expression and freedom of the press.  Last I heard, those rights hadn’t yet been “suspended for public safety.”  (Although I’ve had my doubts of late…)
The language and subject matter of some of the articles and discussions is intended for mature audiences, and should not be accessed by persons under 18 years of age.  In other words, I have upon occasion used the “F”-word and indulged in risque language.  You will not, however, find porn here.

Additionally, if I happen to link current book, DVD, and music recommendations to, it should not be taken as an endorsement or critique of their site, products, or services.  It just so happens they have nearly everything, and a decent amount of information to help you decide whether you might like it too.  Same goes for any other site to which I might link.  Please do feel free to support your favorite Independent sellers and merchants — they deserve our business, too!


Within this section, the words “,” “we,” “I,” and “me” refer to Rebecca Morn and Morn Enterprises, which is the publisher of all content on and which holds the right to transmit on (the “Site”) all of the materials contained in the Site.  The word “Materials” refers to any word, sound, image, file, data, or anything else contained in or generated by the Site.  All content on is protected by U.S. federal and international copyright laws.  Small excerpts from news articles and links to them are used on this site under “fair use” guidelines.  Ownership and copyrights to all content on are retained by the creator.  Inquiries regarding ownership of specific pieces of content should be directed to Rebecca Morn via the Contact form.  When you use you are agreeing and consenting to these terms and conditions of use that we, at our sole discretion, may change in any way at any time.  Your consent to these terms and conditions is herein described as the “Agreement.” Thus you should read them with care and, from time to time, re-read them. If we make any changes, your continued use of signifies that you agree to them.  So there, take that you litigious dweebs.

Limitations On Use Of Materials Contained on

You may, as long as you make no changes of any kind whatsoever, download onto a single computer a single copy of any Materials on the Site for your personal use only.  (Okay, if you want a second copy for your laptop, netbook, or eReader, fine.)  This computer must be your personal computer in your home (or computer-like device you carry with you) and you may not make any commercial use or unauthorized non-profit use of Materials that you download.  Should you make any changes to any of the Materials, you will be violating the copyrights of the owner of the affected portion of  Aside from this provision (i.e. the downloading of a copy for your own use) you may not copy, upload, transmit or distribute in any way any Materials contained in the Site, nor may you use them on any network of computers or any other Website.  (A couple years ago, a politically controversial and scientifically moronic wiki site tried to steal one of my Grand Canyon photos, and even had the nerve to hot-link back to my website, chewing up bandwidth I was paying for.  I did go after them.  Just saying.)

Should you download a single copy of any Materials, you do not own that copy.  The copy you download (including the software and its accompanying data and any files) is, rather, licensed to you by on behalf of its owner/creator, which retains all title and rights to the Materials.  Thus you are prohibited from distributing your copy or in any way changing the copy into any form that can be perceived by a human being.  Or robots.  Or genetically engineered raccoons.  In other words, it’s mine!  Mine, I tell you!  Mine, all MINE!!

Additional Disclaimer makes no warranties of any kind (either expressed or implied) concerning the Materials on the Site.  Further, does not warrant that transmission of the Materials will not be interrupted nor does it warrant that the Materials will contain no errors nor that they will be accurate. does not warrant that the Site itself or the server which transmits it will be free of viruses or anything else that might be harmful (although if that happens, I’ll be damned embarrassed).  Nor do we warrant that any defects will be corrected.  You alone assume all risk associated with use of the Site, including the full cost of any necessary repair or service to your computer.  If you chant “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” and summon Cthulhu, it’s your own damned fault.  I also strongly suggest you run away as fast as you can…although truth be told, you’re just delaying the inevitable.  Great Old Ones are ruthless, unfathomable, and persistent.

By using the Site you waive any claim whatsoever against arising from your use, whether intended or not, of any other site.  This waiver specifically includes any claim arising from a product and/or service which you purchase from any site other than and any claim arising from security of information (including, but not limited to credit card information), which you give to any other site.

In addition, assumes no responsibility for any content that you find on sites that link either to or from the Site.  This includes responsibility for the accuracy or compliance with any laws and for any viruses or other harmful things, which may be contained in these sites.  Nor is responsible should any site link you to a site which you find offensive. does not endorse or warrant the quality of any goods you buy from any site other than the Site… not that we’re selling anything, although T-shirts and coffee cups might not be a bad idea if we manage to design a really bitchin’ logo and get really popular.  Of course, I’m still hoping for the NY Times Best Seller list.

Oh, and about that weather information posted here?  Never base important decisions on information you read on the Internet as it may be unreliable.  In other words, if my home weather station isn’t providing correct or up-to-date information, it’s not my problem.

Limitation of Liability shall not be liable in any way whatsoever (including, but not limited to, negligence) for any special or consequential damages resulting from either your use of the Site or your inability to use it or from your use of any site linked from or to the Site.  (You get fired for wasting your work-time here, that’s your problem, bub.)  This limitation includes any circumstance in which or its representative has been advised of potential liability.

Certain applicable laws may not allow all the limitations of liability described herein.  Should that be the case,’s total liability to you for losses, damages, causes of action, and/or negligence shall not exceed the total amount paid by you (if any) to access the Site.   If we can get away with it, you’ll be paid in 20th century Chinese postal stamps or maybe shiny bottle caps.  Why?  Because I ain’t got much else.

Communication on the Site

The Site may (but is not obligated to) include e-mail functions, chat-rooms, bulletin boards or other means by which you can communicate with other persons.  Should you choose to so communicate, you may not do so using words, sounds or images that are, at’s sole discretion, deemed to be obscene, pornographic, libelous, defamatory, objectionable, violent, or that, in’s opinion, may be illegal.

Should you communicate on the Site, by doing so you grant to in perpetuity, exclusively, without any compensation or notice to you, all rights which you have in that communication.  Thus you grant the perpetual, exclusive right to duplicate, replicate, copy, disseminate, modify, edit, create, fold, spindle or mutilate other works from, publish, distribute, include in other works, translate, and/or edit any communication by any means, whether now known or yet to be discovered, at any place and any time throughout the universe. Yowza!

You may not use the Site for any commercial purpose or to solicit funds or any other goods, or services for anything whatsoever. herein may be exercised in any language, in any medium whether now known or yet to be developed anywhere in the universe.  Further, you waive all moral rights to these communications as well as rights of confidentiality.  You also warrant that, should you not own the rights to these communications, the owner of the rights has granted them in exactly the same manner and to the same extent that you would have had you been the owner. assumes no liability whatsoever for any communication on or through the Site.  You are responsible for your communications. assumes no obligation whatsoever (unless there exists a legal obligation) to monitor any communication on or through the Site.

In other words, I do moderate comments on the blog portion of my website.  I’ll take honest criticism and reasoned arguments, but not abuse.  And comment spam is deleted automatically, as is any content that violates the terms outlined here.  I am not responsible, however, if an objectionable comment or one containing illegal content or links to such happens to slip past my comment spam filters.  I do my best, but I’m just one person here.

Your Comments And Submissions welcomes your comments and submissions concerning the Site.  However, because this is a non-profit website, we cannot at this time provide any sort of compensation beyond that warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get sharing word among your friends that your words have been posted here.  Assuming I decide to post them.  As such, we will have unlimited, exclusive, perpetual rights, throughout the universe and by any means now known or yet to be discovered, to use the submission(s) for any purpose whatsoever, without any compensation or notice to you. Further, will assume no liability whatsoever for any use it makes of your submission(s).  (There was a dweeb over on DailyKos who posts essays and then sticks a comprehensive copyright claim statements at the bottom, despite DKos’s clear Terms of Service statements to the contrary.  I’m making it clear it’s the same case here.)

(Despite the occasional facetiousness of this page, it is here for a reason, and we stand by all the rights, copyrights, and all those legal terms about ownership, liability, and everything else. It might be nice to do without, but there’s a reason why the United States of America has more attorneys and more litigation per capita than any other nation on this planet.)

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