In this section are a few of the short stories I’ve written over the years, some of them actual decades ago.  I have more in my files, not so sure I’m up for sharing given how ‘raw’ and unskilled some of them are…but hey, it’s stuff that seemed important enough to write at the time.

  • And the Meek Shall Inherit:  Every writer has to have at least one “stranger walks into town and gets the crap kicked out of them…then stuff happens” story.  This is mine, with a decidedly Mother Nature Takes Revenge angle.
  • The River Lethe:  An afterlife story, prompted by a story idea Harlan Ellison assuredly had before I did and executed better.  Still, I liked the Old Testament notion of wrestling with angels to win one’s destiny, and if you’re gonna steal ideas, you might as well steal from the best.
  • Hate:  One of my earliest stories, and I think I wrote this one as far back as high school.  It’s somewhat pessimistic and depressing…but I was a pretty depressed person back then.  On the other hand, it does tell how impulses towards hatred and violence can ultimately destroy.
  • Surreal:  Another older story, from my “want to escape this world” period.  For some reason, I have a fascination for those the rest of us judge ‘insane.’  Why? Because maybe they’re not.

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