Of several works in-progress and one completed manuscript, I’ve posted here some initial excerpts from my most current projects.

Prophecy’s Door: The Wilder

A fantasy/SF story of karma and dharma, and of the way many different people’s lives can weave together in ways none of them would have expected.  Prophecy’s Door spans multiple worlds, magic, prophetic visions, nuclear terrorism, imperfect people and one irrevocably damned man.

(Here I’ve posted the first three chapters of a completed novel manuscript, about 357k words.  Yes, it’s a big book, and the first of a planned series of either four or five total.)

The Gandhi Gene

What if we haven’t really stopped human evolution, with all our advanced medicines and life-saving techniques.  Suppose what’s needed is the right set of conditions–the stresses, crowding, and strife of our modern technological world–to make a new kind of human more ‘survivable’ than the original war-like homo sapiens?  This story posits that such people already walk among us…

(Excerpt is just the prologue.)


An ordinary woman awakes to find herself in the back of a van, bound and gagged.  At least she thinks she’s ordinary, if it weren’t for the crazy recurring dreams she keeps having.  Her captor, however, is another matter entirely. 

(Excerpt contains the first three chapters of this work-in-progress, which is the one I’m currently spending the most time on at the time of this posting.)

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