Life is full of distractions, and mine is no exception.

Still, I know that some friends & family do use this blog to check in from to time to time to make sure I’m still somewhere on the planet.

Okay — so I’m here.  And we’ve been staying with friends in Sunnyvale the last two weeks.  I do apologize, Maya, and to any others who may have been wanting to know if or when we could get together, but we just haven’t had the bandwidth for getting out much.  For most of the first week, Stephanie and I were pretty sick and had no energy for anything.

Actually, I knew as soon as we got on the 1st leg flight from Bangalore to London that we’d be in trouble, with several clearly ill people seated not far from us.  Coughing, sneezing, etc.  And if anything, there were more of them on the 2nd leg from London to San Franciso — a huge touring group that compounded the problem by spending most of their flight in the isles and gabbing with one another.  Stephy just loooooved having people’s butts right next to her for 20 minutes at a time (er, ‘not’).

So we arrived, collected our massive pile of excess luggage, took an overpriced taxi to Sunnyvale (no option, really, due to the amount of stuff), and promptly came with with achy, sneezy, fevery, coughy colds.  We were miserable, and promptly passed it on to one of our hosts, although fortunately he didn’t get it as bad as we did.

The 2nd week, we finally bestirred ourselves to start taking care of business.  Some of this involved procuring and setting up a brand new desktop computer for myself (a custom unit from CyberPower — a review coming up in the future).  A couple new Samsung 24″ widescreen monitors (my god, they’ve gotten inexpensive over the last few years!…and yes, another review on those TBD).  A very necessary trip up to our old Boulder Creek stomping grounds to meet with our ‘remote services assistant’ — a gal who’d been handling our post office box and any necessary issues here in the States while we were overseas.  A couple trips, too, to our storage unit to retrieve clothing, kitchen gear, and other stuff we’ll be needing as we set up a new household.  It’s insane how difficult and time consuming it can be to find specific stuff when it’s all crammed into a 10×25 space.

With all that, we realized we really did need to get going and head to New Mexico sooner rather than later.  Another dear friend has arranged a temporary furnished apartment for us…from there, we’ll figure out what to rent (or buy, as that’s on the table, too, as a possibility).

Along the way, Stephanie and I decided to stop at Sedona for a small break — a couple nights at the Sedona Real Inn — and a chance to stretch our legs in some beautiful desert parks.  (I’m also thinking very seriously about getting an in-room massage, if it’s not too hideously expensive.  My knots have knots.)

Getting back online is definitely a priority when we get to Albuquerque, especially since the ‘Net is how we’ll probably find our new home (all praise Craigslist).  But it might be a few days.

In the meantime, yeah… I know, I still owe lots of posts on our adventures, the traveling, and all the rest — including more about what led to our seemingly sudden decision to come back to America.  (Suffice to say in quick summary that it’s all positive.)

With that, we’re on the road tomorrow and need to get an early start.

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