…my Mom just reminded me that I haven’t posted in a while.  And by gum, she’s right — as mothers almost always are.

Been busy of late…but also some news to share:  We’re gonna be moving back to the States in about a month.  It truly has been great and an amazing adventure over here in India, but it’s also come time to recognize — with our Swami’s encouragements and blessings — that it’s time to start putting stuff into practice.  To get the work done.

So…I owe a post on the whys and wherefores and all that.

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One Response to Well…

  1. Maya says:

    Can’t wait to hear all about it! Looking forward to having you back here where we could really use your energy. There is so much to share and help with. Of course, where you come and all that is up to Baba AND you have our support for how ever it plays out.

    I’m sure the ashram will miss you, and Swami must be excited to send you out with all your talents, knowledge, energy.

    Blessings to you both. I have missed you and I am truly inspired and happy to know you.

    Yours in service and love,