Nearing the end of a vacation

Well, we’re definitely in the winding down phase of our ‘vacation’ trip in the States, the SF Bay area to be specific.  It’s become more evident in that instead of getting more groceries, we’re now looking at what’s left and using it all up.  Making the last few trips to the store for swag to take back to India, which is now much closer in time than the arrival.

What have we loaded up on?  Ricola cough drops.  Mac & cheese dinners.  Instant potatoes (mash & scallop).  Noodle-Roni mixes.  Microwave popcorn.  Coffee.  Spices.  Antacids & allergy pills.  Fake bacon chips.  Much of this can be gotten in India, but it’s almost always far, far more expensive.  Like the standard ‘Kraft Macaroni & Cheese’ — about 60 cents a box via Costco, versus $3-4 a box there.  So we stock up like mad.

And we also kinda gorge on all the other things we can’t get there, or which are expensive.  We’ve had turkey breast roasts (via Costco again), Boca Burger dinners, tilapia fish (broiled), lasagne, scrambled eggs, and pizza. Tons of chips.  Thank goodness for lots of walks in Henry Cowell Park to use up those extra calories.

Also a few weeks back I mentioned my Neti Pot experiment — the saline thing for clearing the sinuses.  I’ve still had allergy problems, especially up here in the redwoods of Felton, CA, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was last year this same time.  I’ve also experienced a significant reduction in headaches & migraine hits.  So something like 300+ premixed salt & bicarb packets for use with the Neti are in the luggage.  I’ve also acquired a plastic pot, plus one of the ‘positive pressure’ neti bottles (just today).  The only challenge will be to ensure I have good filtered, boiled water available, but it’s do-able.  I’m really glad I took the leap on this.

In a few days though we’ll be saying farewell to Fern River Resorts, and our lovely little cottage by the river.  Again, I can’t recommend them enough — great Vaastu, clean places, and very homey.  Some of the stuff we got out of our storage unit is already back there as of today…and this coming Thursday, we return to our friends’ place in Sunnyvale.  A week of ‘recompression’, then it’s back to Penukonda for us.

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