Leavin’… on a lux train

We’ve had a grand time in Albuquerque, even to the point of getting to put into direct practice some of the spiritual techniques we learned in India.  And back on Friday, Stephanie and I managed a brief hike at Placitas, roaming up the trails and arroyos…such peacefulness.

Today, we check out, go hang at the house of a dear, dear friend for a few hours.  After that, drop off the car, then it’s over to the Amtrak station where we’ll pick up the Southwest Chief bound to L.A.  It was a splurge, but we sprung for 1st class accommodations — full sleeper compartment — for both that leg and the one following (L.A. to San Jose) on the Coast Starlighter.

Should be fun, as it’ll be my first train trip ever.

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