Reign of Lies

This piece by Glenn W. Smith over on Firedoglake is simply brilliant.  He says exactly what I’ve been thinking for a long while now, only with much greater depth and insights.  It’s well worth the extended read.

Firedoglake » Reign of Lies

What’s the major cause of the nation’s financial crisis? Lies; a river of lies emptied into a sea of mendacity, sucked up into the sky again by a great hurricane of deceit and rained back down upon us in a deluge of prevarication.

Lies are to democracy what Katrina was to New Orleans. They are not just incompatible with self rule, they destroy it. Our intuition of this obvious fact is why we get so frustrated at the repeated lies of George Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin. It’s why we recoil against the untruths of TV commentators who lie again and again to advance their own ideologies. They lie and they know we know they’re lying. But lies are too often accepted as legitimate moves in our political game, which is not a game but a matter of life, death and freedom. Therein lies a tale.

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2 Responses to Reign of Lies

  1. Racer says:

    What does it mean when McCain mentions “Joe the Plumber” 20 times for all issues when it was later that he is not a licensed plumber , makes 8:22:58 PM 100k, and his name is mispelled in voter registration?


  2. Becca says:

    It means it’s yet another sloppy, mendacious campaign gimmick. John’s friend “Joe” is also a registered Republican who, in recent interviews has said Social Security is a fraud.

    This is not an ‘undecided voter’.

    The GOP has become a party of plutocrats, xenophobes, and religious hard-liners. It’s damned hard to find someone among their ranks who cleans up well and who doesn’t scare the hell out of the rest of America.