Recovered, more or less

Greetings, my Imaginary Readers,

A few days have gone by and I’m doing better now, although still somewhat dragged out and in a perpetually minorly bitchy mood. No particular reason, although the turning of the season could have something to do with it. (I’ve perpetually had difficulties with SADD, seasonal affective depressive disorder. Time to start using the light-box again, I think, and possibly the dawn simulator…although with that, I need to move the lights because they bug my spouse when they shine down directly.)

Getting slowly back into the swing of things here in the little sanctuary we call Serenity. While I try to stay focused on the work that needs doing, both physical and contract, I’m finding I just feel frustrated and generally not like I’m in control of my life at present. Some might suggest that’s just fine, that’s how the Powers That Be (aka, God or the Supreme Being of your choice), I’m just not comfortable with that answer. It strikes me as smug and self-satisfied and doesn’t truly answer the question. Not that I expect an actual answer, I just don’t want to be given explanations that don’t provide any sort of helpful guidance.

There was more symbolic junk, I suppose, in the loss of my driver’s license while on that recent trip to Wisconsin. (Which I’ve since dealt with, ordering a replacement from the DMV just yesterday…and giving me the opportunity to remove the corrective lens requirement, since I had LASIK a few years ago and my distance vision is superb.) How so symbolic? Think about it: Loss of identity. No proof I am who I say I am. Depending on the kindness of strangers just so I could get through airport security. And another of those notions that, if I put it into a story, would be dissected by critics as jejune and an obvious plot device. It’s still bothering me.

Speaking of airport security though, my experience at the Outagamie Regional Airport, near Appleton WI was far more positive than I feared. Both the United Airlines ticket agent and the TSA personnel at the checkpoint were exceedingly professional, sympathetic — and thorough. I knew damned well any of them could’ve made my life hell and literally kept me from getting on that plane, but they treated me with respect and courtesy. I still disagree with the whole notion of the way these searches work, and I still think they’re looking for all the wrong things on all the wrong people. (For instance, I firmly believe we’re merely one corrupted groundcrew person away from the next act of airline terrorism. It won’t be the passengers…or rather, it might be some of them who carry it out, but the items they need will almost certainly be pre-positioned by those with a legitimate airport badge and security codes. In my opinion.) But I have nothing but positive things to say about the professionalism of the Outagamie airport people. Just sayin’.

So anyway…over the next few days I’m going to try to get back into my stride, writing. And I’ve a lot of stuff to do yet with respect to housework for some vedic ceremonies we’ve planned here. And more winter preps to do (I see the roof needs sweeping, AGAIN).

Appropos another topic, I decided it was time to update my computer’s monitoring status-bar software. I loaded a freeware product called “Rainmeter.” Great stuff, available here: LINK


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  2. Becca says:

    For a small regional, it’s a pretty nice airport. From there, it’s a short 30 min flight into O’Hare.

    Outagamie looked to be recently remodeled, plus as I said in my post, the people running the place (airlines and TSA both) were very nice.

    Thanks for stopping by, TB!