Guru Purnima 2008

I’m not sure what the appropriate salutation is for Guru Purnima.  ‘Happy GP’ just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Instead, I’ll just say a little about what Guru Purnima is:

It is the Full Moon of the Guru, and happens each year roughly in July (depending on the lunar cycles), and is a day (and night) on which we thank our spiritual teachers (after all, ‘guru’ means ‘revered teacher’) for everything they’ve given us.  It’s also considered to be the most auspicious time to connect to the Divine, and to strengthen the bond between guru and student, and helps foster growth and enlightenment.

My own guru, Sri Kaleshwar, gives thanks to his guru, Shirdi Sai Baba, on this day.  With my personal observances of this sacred day, I also connect through Sri Kaleshwar to Baba — and to all the divine masters in the lineage I’ve been called by my heart to follow.  (My favorite, besides SK?  Vivekananda.)

I’ll not proselytize though…but rather just humbly suggest that if you happened to stumble onto this post (whoever you are), that you just take a few moments to give thanks to all those in your life who have guided you onto the right paths.

For those curious about events here at the Penukonda ashram…well, it’s been an amazing, huge, and exceedingly busy program.  Hundreds of students from all over the world are visiting, and it’s been a time of both crazy-busyness and big experiences.

I’ve had a really good time, but I’m also looking forward to when things get quiet around here again.


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2 Responses to Guru Purnima 2008

  1. Concentrate on the chakras in your own body @ eventually you will be balancing your energy and improving & elevating youself in every direction.keep your mind on god >and always demand for answers from the power above you. chant any manthra.viz peace be still and know that I am god. OM MANE PADME OM. Always show respect mother earth.plants animals.give love and express gratitude.wisdom must be in focus at all times.

  2. Uttam Seegolam says:

    Wishing all students a pious day on the occasion of Guru Purnima. My spiritual Master is the enlightened YOGI TAMBY CHUCKRAVANEN. I live in Mauritius and i am his disciple since seven years now. I am very honoured that he accepted me as a student. He teaches one to maintain a calm mind which according to him is the secret that will open the doors of success. His knowledge knows no boundaries but is not understood because he speaks the truth. And as you all know truth taste sour in this modern era.