Penukonda weather for the Guru Purnima-bound

For those coming to Penukonda for the Guru Purnima program — and who might be swinging by this here blog for updates and whatnot — a quick weather status:

It’s been cooler than it was a couple months ago, with daily high temperatures in the mid- to upper-80s (F).  However, it’s also been very humid, with occasional afternoon and evening rain showers.  Temperature in the low 70s sometimes by early morning.

Recommended gear for the current climate:

  • Small umbrella if you can manage it in your luggage.  Or else pick up one in Bangalore (I’ve seen them at the 5th Ave Supermarket, on Brigade Road).
  • Folding hand-fan.  Sometimes it can get really oppressive, especially at the long meditations and talks.
  • Insect repellent.  DEET, non-DEET, Picardin — just something that works on these seemingly steroid-enhanced mosquitoes and crazy-making tiny gnats.
  • Bed-sheet and/or light blanket.  The night-time temperatures do get down far enough to warrant covering up while sleeping, and they’re not provided (nor are towels, for that matter).  Actually, last night was quite chilly and windy…so it’s a definite yes on the light blanket.

More information about ‘enjoying an ashram stay’ at this post here.

Oh, one other thing:  The monkeys around here appear to be in the midst of their mating season, and so have been rather aggressive of late.  When here, be extra careful when transporting food…or even when taking out the trash.  No open bowls or containers, etc.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t leave your front door open, especially in the early morning — over the years, more than a few friends of ours have literally had their entire apartments ransacked by marauding bands of simians.

Safe travels!

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2 Responses to Penukonda weather for the Guru Purnima-bound

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Becca, thank you for this important weather report. It was on my list of things to check..and there it was. Hope to see you in a few days.
    Paula S. (Santa Cruz, CA)

  2. Becca says:

    Hi Paula,

    Hey, you’re most welcome.  Glad to be of use.

    See you soon!