Things That Bug Me #2

A few more about movies:

What’s the deal here with sequels, ‘re-visioning’ and do-overs?  Okay, I have to grant that the ‘re-visioning’ of Battlestar Galactica has resulted in pretty much the best television SF ever (from my perspective…not everybody likes it).  But they seem to be remaking EVERYTHING.  Nothing’s original.

10-20 years ago it was all sequels all the time.  If a movie was a semi-decent success, you could bet there’d be 2-3-10 more.  I think they’re STILL making Freddy Kreuger movies.  And more Friday the 13th’s than there’ve been actual Fridays numbered 13.

If it’s not a sequel, it’s a comic book.  Now, in addition to the sequels, I see one ‘live action’ comic book superhero adaptation after another.  Batman’s been started over again, as is The Hulk.  Fantastic Four (twice).  X-Men.  Iron Man.  Superman (which also had a do-over, sort of).

If it’s not that, then it’s a movie adaptation of a successful book.  The Golden Compass, Narnia, etc.  Even HBO’s rather well-done "John Adams" series was actually based on a book.

Where did true Creativity go?

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