Couple things…

  • First, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5.  Note to self (and other WP upgraders): Do not turn on or use the Maintenance Mode plug in when upgrading.  It gets stuck and you can’t even log in to the admin menu.  The only solution is to go in via FTP and nuke the plug in.  Which I did.
  • Second, once again, I love Indian health-care.  The reason I needed a new book to read is we’re in Bangalore, so Stephy could get her eye checked out.  Any time you see new and unexpected stuff in the eye, it’s a good idea to get a professional exam.  Total cost?  350Rs – or roughly $9 US.  This is at the high-end super-specialty Manipal hospital clinic, no less.  (She’s fine, just some scleral detachment, which is normal post-cataract surgery.  Another check-up in a month, when we’ll be in town anyway on our way to & from Singapore.)
  • Did I mention I love A/C?  Oh yes, I does…  It ain’t as hot here as in Penukonda, but it’s hot enough.

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