Poem: “Aspiration”

Special bonus today — an extra short poem that told me it was written and finished after fewer words than even this introduction:


To be a drop of water
in the Ocean
that is God…

                                                 – (c)2006, Becca Morn

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2 Responses to Poem: “Aspiration”

  1. Racer says:


    May be I think,

    To be a drop of water in a ocean of love is Human
    To give a bucket of forgiveness and unconditional love is like God

    I really do not know what God is like :)

    What do you say?

    With warm regards,

  2. Becca says:

    Why limit oneself to just a bucket, Racer? ;)

    Forgiveness and love should flow like there’s no end.

    I think if I knew what God was really like though, I wouldn’t be here.