Poem: “Destiny”

Just so you folks think I haven’t forgotten completely about this here blog…


Hidden though the passages be
still we are compelled
to seek them

Never quite content to exist
in contentment however
sweet, we strive

Under these conditions, given
who and what we are
it seems impossible

For the classical definition
of celestial heaven
would be utter hell
for most of us

We simply cannot
sit still
for an eternity
without going
completely barking mad

– (c) Becca Morn, 2006

(This one also contains a special bonus, one of my most favorite turns of phrase, "barking mad".  Such a delightful and evocative metaphor)

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4 Responses to Poem: “Destiny”

  1. Racer says:

    Would not it be nice?
    If we know
    Why the dogs are barking!!

    They scare the hell out of others
    But poor dogs cannot speak :)

    But why do Human bark?


    I read stories about
    Lovers who missed the train
    Lovers who had their heart broken
    Or A lover who reluctantly have to break someone’s love
    So that they do not hurt each other more

    I think those Lovers bark
    Because someone did not understand them as expected

    Alas that Barking be replaced by ‘understanding and communication’!
    But then we would not have secret diaries :)

    Alas we all can say to others openly how we feel!
    But then we would not have those secret admirers :)

    But at least barking is better than silent anger inside because
    An anger kept too long could turn into sadness
    Which could turn into loneliness
    And then into depression.

    I wish we all have all the time, resources and capabilities
    To share our gifts withloved ones.

    May God bless us all with
    More strength, more humility and more content!!

    With love and barking :)

  2. Becca says:

    Wow — lovely! Thank you Racer!

  3. Racer says:


    So… how is the holiday preparation (Xmas, New Year) going in India? What do you see main difference between those in USA and India?

    And now democrats control the house and senate, what do you think Bush is going to do?

    With love and barking :)

  4. Becca says:

    Hiya Racer,

    Haven’t really seen any preparations as yet, since I haven’t left the ashram after re-arriving on at the beginning of December.

    One thing I might point out is that I suspect that unlike in the United States, here in India they don’t have an entire month (or two or three) dedicated to just the one set of year-end holidays. There are so many different little holidays dedicated to various religious observances and/or historical events/personages that it would be silly to have a tree and Christmas lights up for weeks on end.

    Still, the University students are returning from their trips home or visa-jumps. Others of Swami’s students who regularly come for the various events are also arriving for the Christmas program.

    As for me, I’m well — and should be able to post more again now. Lots of new things to ponder and discuss.