Hitting the road

Hello friends & Imaginary Readers…

It’s that time, or fast approaching anyway.  That which we here call the "Visa Jump".  In essence, I am a tourist here in India.  (It is dreadfully hard to get any sort of residency permit unless one is originally from India, or have ancestry here.)  The maximum time I can stay on my Visa is six months — although I am literally free to leave the country on one plane and return immediately on the next.  But I gotta go somewhere.

In this case, my partner and I are about to head to Singapore.  We leave tomorrow, fly to Singapore, stay about 3 days, then come back and spend another 3 in B’lore.  (Need to stock up on groceries and other essentials.)

If I get a chance while on the road, I’ll write more.  For now… adios!

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