Here are a few aphorisms from my collection.  Consider them "mini-poems", little trifles I’ve crafted over time…

Cotton-candy wisdom is sweet
But it dissolves on the tongue
And is gone
Only the bitter
Makes a lasting impression

Miracles bring not faith; they are only a wake-up call

Life is a terminal condition;
Stop acting like everything
is forever

Don’t interrupt me.  I am attempting the impossible.

Waiting is.

There are an infinte number of paths
but only one mountain

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3 Responses to Aphorisms

  1. Racer says:

    If you want to get real pearls, you have to dive much deeper into the ocean; only those brave souls who is not afraid to die (Hindi word Marjeeva ) can do it.

    I like your triffles or as we say ‘kawahaat’ in Hindi language.

  2. Uncle Dennis says:

    Everybody believes in something…
    I believe I’ll have another cookie!

  3. Becca says:

    Somehow I *knew* you were gonna say that, UncaDen!