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Hello friends, passers-by, and my ever faithful Imaginary Readers–

Today was better generally, in terms of the overall headache level.  I spent most of the early part at about 4.0 on my usual 0-10 scale, although towards mid to late afternoon, it climbed back up into the upper 7 range.  The nausea came and went, but I did manage to eat a bowl of ramen noodles for lunch, and some french fries for dinner.  Plus some chips later on.

But the migraine remains.  Day 12, today.  The doctor (allopathic) stopped by again, took my blood pressure to make sure I wasn’t hypertensive (I’m not — 120/80, which ain’t bad at all for a 43 year old).  He also said that if it continued, I should consider getting a CAT scan.  I was noncommittal, not because I objected to the $27.95 such a scan would cost here in India (okay, I exaggerate — I think they run about $150 or 200… what?  still shocked?  you should be).  Rather, I just don’t think a scan’ll find anything.

This is a migraine like all the others I’ve endured, save for the duration.  Which is admittedly rather longer than is usual for me.

Me, I still think it was the pujas that set it off, and by stubbornly going back day after day, I caused the headache to really set in.  Those blood vessels are spasmed shut, and it may take a few days yet for them to unspasm.

Or it’s the spiritual energy of Navaratri.  Or maybe my astral self/soul is badly aligned in my bod.

Who knows.  Me, I’m goin’ to bed.

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