Poem: “Treasure Hunting”

And because it’s been a while, a poem for you, my friends:

Treasure Hunting

If I ask you
            ‘What is the Bliss?’
Come on, you already
know the answer

Don’t stop to think
about it
just blurt out
the first idea
that occurs to you

Anything else
is either the Illusion speaking
or plain damned lies

You know
what Bliss is not:
It is not money, fame
good health
or an epic love

Put your faith in these
and you are guaranteed
and grief
for all of them
are destined to end
one day
leaving only
the faded memories
of what used to be

Bliss is not
a sunlit clearing
at the end of the path

Not any place
you can get to
by walking
nor some precious nugget
of sage wisdom
waiting to be dug up
or handed to you
by a Master

Bliss is never
sometime in the future
or existing in the past
but always



Bliss is an attitude
a state of being
of knowing:
            ‘I am precisely
            where I should be
            right now
            and everything
            is simply
            because it is impossible
            to be otherwise’

The fruit
hangs before you
as it always has
and still
you hesitate?

Reach out
take hold
bite deep
savor it
and let the sweet juice
run unheeded
your chin

live every moment
of your life
just like that

– 9 August 2006, Becca Morn

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4 Responses to Poem: “Treasure Hunting”

  1. RacerOla says:

    Fruit? Where is it? I do not see it!!

    I have been running all my life to find that sweet juicy fruit!! :)

    BLISS – Beauty and Love with Satisfied Soul, Right?

  2. Becca says:

    That’s your problem right there, my friend. Running will never bring the fruit — because it is always precisely where you are, right now.

    Running, striving — these are attachments, desires which, unfulfilled, lead to unhappiness, and hence no bliss.

    Bliss is simpler than that, and needs no words or acronyms. It is simply a state where all of one’s needs and desires have been met, and thus there is an absence of desire for anything else.

    Once, long ago, I experienced total and complete bliss during a bus ride, right on the heels of a huge heartbreak (a broken romance). I was a student in college with very little money. No prospects for other relationships. A terrible situation with my father. And much hard work studying a subject I really didn’t much like awaiting me back at school.

    Yet somehow I realized all of a sudden that I did in fact have every single thing I needed. That there was no desire in me for anything else.

    Suddenly, it was as if the sky opened.

    Mind, nothing whatsoever had changed for me. With one important exception: My attitude towards where I was in my life, and what I had.

    Hence, you need to stop running. The fruit is right there. Even if you are in poverty, alone, or imprisoned — bliss can be *right there*.

    Because it comes from within, never from without.

    The fruit, my friend, is metaphorical.

  3. Racer says:

    Thanks Buddy for that insight.

    I need to do meditation and spiritual readings to get rid of those desires and Maya…. stop looking outside, peek inside me…

  4. RacerOla says:

    Here is a quote I read today, thought you may like it.

    “The meaning of Life is not a fact to be discovered, but a choice that you make about the way you live.” Hilda Berstein, 9/13/06 Washington Post under title “Appreciation – Fighting Apartheid With Her Heart” with courage that matched her convictions, Hilda Bernstein