Poem: “A Darkness Arrives”

This was another of those poems I wrote, which I almost could not remember writing afterwards.  These ones seem to come from other realms.  I try to write like this more often…but these poems only come when they want to, never on my schedule or by my command.  About all I can say is that when I’ve been busy with the spiritual work — the meditation, the quiet mind — they come more often.

Stephanie said it reminded of her the turning of the age of Kali Yuga.  Hope you like it as much as she did.

A Darkness Arrives

Though the dawn
breaks clear
sun supposed to rise
then its rays
just so
through the arches
landing at the holy place
upon the temple floor
below which
a hundred saints’
took their final

A mote
a shadow grows
on the sun
consuming the light
like a cancer
consumes the body

No cloud this
nor the preordained passage
of Lunare
across Helios’ fiery disc

Darkness gallops in
on a mad black stallion
the beast’s slick coat
clotted with a froth
of sweat and dirt

Its hooded rider dismounts
cloak swirling as he strides
to hammer a gauntleted fist
upon sealed gates
and denying him entry
is not an option

Seek you now shelter
and the pooled light
of gathered candles
the warmth
of shared comforts

When the peak
of the storm
has passed
do not hunker down
but go forth now
with your candles
for there will be
a multitude
of hearthfires
that need relighting

Do you not have
a candle?
I know a man
who makes them
by the crate

Need a flame
to light yours?
Here, then
I will share mine
with you

– Becca Morn, 28 July 2006

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