Another day slips away…

Today was yet another insanely busy day of cleaning and hauling.  Two trips to the dump this afternoon, one with a load of trash, which I’d loaded in our pickup yesterday, and another of recycleable goods, mostly paper, but some cardboard and metal.

I’m sorry, Racer, I haven’t had a chance to get to your lengthy comment & questions in the post the other day.  I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can, although this weekend is the big push to get the house ready so we can sign the paperwork with the realtor on Monday.

I literally have been running myself ragged, and this evening I finally reached the "I can’t do no more" stage.  After dinner (reheated lasagne — Stephanie’s vegetarian version, quite delish), I thought about doing more work, maybe pack away some stuff…but my bod said, "Uh uh, no way."  So I watched an episode of South Park (my guilty pleasure…although I’m not finding the show all that enjoyable anymore…  They have some funny moments, but it seems to be becoming too self-conscious and deliberately provoking).

Then I popped "King Kong" in the DVD player.  I hadn’t seen this flm before, although I figured with Peter Jackson directing, and the writing crew from Lord of the Rings on the screenplay, it’d probably be good.

First of all, the CGI is jaw-droppingly good.  Super incredible.  Some really great moments between Kong and Anna, too, very well done, and if there were ever to be an Oscar for "Best CGI Actor", that giant gorilla ought to win, hands down.

On the downside, I thought it took entirely too long for everyone to get to Skull Island.  Too much time spent on backstory, in my opinion.  Made the movie drag for me.

Anyway, I’m gonna go crash — and again, Racer, I do promise a longer response to your query.  Perhaps we can take some of our discussion offline, too.

Hope y’all have a good night.  Oh, and Happy Easter Weekend, for those of you who observe such.

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4 Responses to Another day slips away…

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  2. Racer says:

    Happy Easter to you and your friends too…

    It was nice weather here; I went to New Jersey to meet my family and my retired in-law parents over the weekend; we celebrated Easter egg-hunting early on Sunday morning with 2 of my young in-law kids… his wife is American and was raised in a Christian family…

    Watched King Kong DVD 2 weeks back… little too long and did not like the script and the end… agree animation was good but not as good as Lord of the Rings or Toy Story 2…

  3. Racer says:

    I am back… read more on Stephanie’s Blog… nice! A artist, Scientist and PhD… and your life partner too… until now I thought she was your roommate!

    So you are moving to new Condo. Just 2 of you now, right?

    It will be pleasure to Chat with some of you online – My yahoo IM is Racerola1. However, due time difference it will be difficult to be online at the same time. My e-mail is

    Best regards.

  4. Becca says:

    Hi Racer,

    I’m back, too, more or less. The last week has been an ever-accelerating and virtually nonstop effort to get our house in shape for sale. Today was “fill out the paperwork day”, and thankfully it appears that our efforts were worthwhile, because our real estate agent kept commenting about how well we’d tidied up the place. It wasn’t easy though, with all the rain we’ve been having. Only in the last few days have we gotten a break.

    This evening, I can finally catch my breath and hopefully get a post up for the final phase of my ashram trip.

    My own Easter observance was rather more somber than usual…not that I’m much into celebrating the Christian holidays. (I was raised Roman Catholic, but left it behind in my late teens.) As part of the cleaning and preliminary packing efforts, I realized I’d procrastinated as long as I could in dealing with the ash remains of two of my dogs. We’re talking years here, that the boxes have sat on my dresser, and always I had some reason or other not to do what I’d planned. Grendel (golden retriever) passed away in ’99, and Ursa in 2003. So I took the boxes, a couple of their favoried squeaky toys, and Ursa’s collar. No idea what had happened to Grendel’s, probably got thrown out.

    I took everything to a very special grove of redwoods here on our property. Sat with the boxes for a time while I remembered my old friends and said farewell one last time. Then buried everything in the very middle.

    After that, I got back to work, housecleaning.

    I agree about Kong — the film was too long, and the beginning was interminable. But I still liked the CGI.

    Thanks for the remarks about Stephanie’s website. She’s not actually blogging, but just has a place there for her photography. She’s a brilliant, multi-talented lady — and yes, she’s my domestic partner. We even did the marriage thing, when Mayor Newsome ordered SF to give certificates to same-sex couples, but alas that didn’t survive the legal challenges.

    You’re correct in that it’s just me and her, moving to India in June; neither of us has kids. However, it just so happens that another couple, Maya and Sage (link to their site is in the right-hand column, too), dear friends of ours, are also moving to India — and will have the apartment right next to ours. Plus Alx & Jonathan, of, also friends, will be at the ashram frequently throughout the next year, too.

    I’ll drop you a line via email and add you to my IM list. Fair warning though: I’m not on IM terribly often these days.

    Thanks again for the repeat visits! And as always, good hearing from you.