When 27 is greater than 52…

To give you a sense, 27% of our users (measured by % of visits) use Macs, compared to 52% who use Windows. Another 15% use some Apple mobile device. So as you can see, our audience tilts heavily in the Mac direction. Android makes up about 4% of our visits.

via Why No Android App? | TPM Editors Blog.

This is just one of those intellectually lazy statements that bugs me enough to break my lengthy no-blogging silence.

A Mac is not the same as an Apple mobile device. Even if that's a given and the point you're trying to make is a sizeable number of visitors to TPM own Apple products, adding 27% to 15% still only results in 42%. Which is still less than 52%

So, no. While I read Josh Marshall's TPM every day, his audience does not tilt heavily in the Mac direction. It tilts quite heavily in the Windows direction, to the point where you have to add the stats for two different classes of devices to get even close.

Special bonus observed intellectual laziness: Not a TPM issue, but just something else I've noticed in reporting from just about every media outlet out there, including many of the more liberal sources. The proposed Democratic tax cut as passed in the Senate — or rather, the extension of the Bush tax cuts — is not a tax cut limited to those earning less than $250,000/year. Put that way, it sounds like if you earn just one dollar more than that much, you get nothing. This is not true. It's a cut for everyone with an income, but just limited to the first $250k. Even a billionaire gets something from it. Just not the tens or hundreds of thousands extra the Republicans seem obsessed to give them.

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