Let me…

…make something clear, again.

Since I began posting on Left Perspectives, a few….trolls… have wandered over here thinking they could hurl epithets and stupid names at me in the comments to my posts, on my blog. Stuff that makes it abundantly clear we're dealing with deranged, ignorant, uneducated morons.

You could not be more mistaken. This is my soapbox. It is not supported by ads, I pay every hosting bill and payment. As a consequence, I have a very strict commenting policy here. First, commenters must be registered. Secondly, I don't take any bullshit from anybody.

Try to post crap comments on my blog posts and the source email, name(s), and IP are pretty much automatically added to my blacklists. I don't even see 'em, after the first confirmation.

Go ahead and waste your time if you want to. It's your karma.

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