A parable:  A man lies on a bed, weak and infirm, and dying of congestive lung failure, connected to a respirator.  He can barely breathe, with every inhalation an effort.  Everyone is arguing about what to do when a quack doctor steps forward and asserts that the solution isn't medicine, rest, and the whirring machine beside the bed.  Without hesitation, he shuts off the respirator and to make matters worse, puts a pillow over the face of the ailing man and presses down. 

Nothing happens for a second or two, but then the man starts thrashing as his body reacts ot the lack of oxygen.  Before he's quite dead, the pillow is taken away, but the respirator is left off.  
Somehow, the man manages to resume breathing, but he's much weaker than before and clearly will not last long.  He needs the respirator and he needs strong medicines, otherwise he'll never get better.  The quack however argues, "No! You saw him thrash about. I stopped suffocating him, and now he's weaker.  Obviously the solution is more pillow!"

(p.s. Sorry about the long absence. Work has been crazy of late…)

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