Busted ribs…

… are annoying and very painful.

We've moved to a new house, pretty close to where we were.  Very nice digs… but the provisio is the place was very nearly fully furnished, from when the owners were trying to sell and they thought it would go better if it looked nicely decorated.  Ought to have sold, if not for the market crash.

So, back to my ribs.  Downstairs in one of the spare rooms they had a portable bed set up.  Trying to put it back together, I tried to get some leverage by pulling it shut with my arms and against the right side of my chest.

I felt both ribs pop.  This was about a week ago.  No real point in going to a doctor, because the advice would be what I already know:  Try not to exert myself, get rest, and take a strong anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen (3-4 tabs, every 4 hours).

Well, I can manage the last of those things, but resting and abstaining from exertion isn't exactly happening.  At least it's not getting any worse.

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