Animation software…

…and an interesting viral marketing scheme.  The company that produces MessiahStudio — the animation software used to create animation in many commercials, TV shows and feature films — has decided to see if they can sell their product for just $10 a copy.

Down from a usual $500.  Their $1200 Pro version is being offered for just $40 a license.  The link is here.

There's a catch.  They only release the licenses if enough people sign up to buy it (either version counts), and there's a limit to the total.  (Heck of a marketing ploy, really.)  From their site:

We will update the progress bar so you can see where you're at in reaching that goal.  When the bar reaches the end, we will close out the offer and no further orders will be allowed; no exceptions.  In the event the goal is not met, we will simply refund everyone.  Whether you get the software for this amazing price is up to you, and how well you get the word out.

Obviously, in full-disclosure, I've ordered a copy and so have a vested self-interest involved in my shilling for the product.  But seriously, if you've ever wanted to play around with 3D animation and rendering software, now's the time to throw the equivalent price of a cheap pizza at that whim.  Or a night's dinner out, if you go for the Pro version.  I'm hoping it works, as I'd enjoy a chance to play with this.

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  1. Lisa Liel says:

    Fantastic! I ordered one, and I posted the thing to Facebook. Hopefully that’ll help them get to 100%. Thanks for posting about this.