My sister-in-law is pretty much dirt poor…and yet I know for a fact she gives food away like it's a duty, and her favorite thing to do.  She even grows a far, far larger garden than she and her niece need, specifically so they can give away produce.

I myself am between jobs just now…but we have enough to get by.  So the other day, I wrote a check to Doctors Without Borders.  Just because there are those who don't have enough.

Being kind to people, helping them, is no character flaw, despite what some wingnuts would have us believe.  The argument "I have to help myself first, then I can think maybe about helping others" — it's only a justification for selfishness and miserliness.  We are here to help each other.  There is honor and decency in giving.

Here's one good resource for giving, which I found over on HuffPo — a whole list of things you can do if you have anything from ten bucks free, up to however much you care to give.  The link is here: The Goods.

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