My Review of Roku XDS Player

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With dual-band wireless, the XDS delivers the best quality video virtually anywhere in your home.


Should have bought a Roku sooner

By Technowitch from Albuquerque, NM on 10/17/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Built in Wi-Fi, High quality picture, Easy to use, Great value, Easy to set up

Cons: Want more video choices, Want more video formats

Best Uses: Secondary TV, Primary TV

Describe Yourself: Power User, Netflix fan, Technophile, Home entertainment enthusiast

If you have Netflix or like renting on-demand movies and TV shows — and you don't already have a Netflix or on-demand enabled playback device — the Roku is THE thing to get.

Set-up is easy. The user interface is pretty well done. The video quality is surprisingly excellent (and we're streaming over a wireless connection in a house where I usually have trouble getting a good signal at that end). I'm checking out shows and movies on Netflix I wouldn't have put in our DVD queue. If I don't like something, there's not even a trip to the mailbox involved.

We have ours hooked up to a 5.1 stereo system and large-screen HDTV in the living room, operating at 720p resolution, since our set only goes up to 1024i (not p). I cannot tell the difference between regular DVD playback and the Roku — and the picture is even better than when I stream to my PC.

My only suggestions for improvement would be to have the USB-enabled Roku support more playback formats (AVI, MKV, MOV, DIVX, etc.), and of course what most folks have said: More channels.

Definitely need Hulu (but why only Hulu Plus coming?), should have YouTube, Yahoo video, Comedy Central, etc.

Finally, maybe some other display modes for Netflix, like perhaps a non-cover list display, for easier browsing.

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One Response to My Review of Roku XDS Player

  1. Jeff Jacobs says:

    The Roku player has really done a great job. I got the $99 one and have netflix and hulu. got rid of cable, yet I do miss cable but not the bill. To answer the post before me. Yes Roku does have better channels than in the channel store. Go to this link tons of what are called private channels. Youtube and many others are there click them and wait 24 hrs for them to appear in your channel list. I just found out about these about a week ago. Hope you’ll enjoy them.