Into every life…

…change must come.

Well, looks like my work situation is definitely changing, and for sure I'm going to be looking for more work to keep me — and my spouse, since we co-own a technical writing and general consulting business together — busy in the near future.  For those curious about what I (and we) can do, check out my profile over on LinkedIn.

In the meantime, if I'm not tapped for projects immediately, now is just about the perfect time for some autumn day-trips in and around New Mexico.  The weather's cooled off a bit, the aspens up on the Sandias have already gone golden, and the sunsets are spectacular.  After the last six months, I could use a little AFK (away from keyboard) time.

The other thing I'll be doing in the coming days is working on ebook publishing skills, polishing the old resume, and constructing a professional services/consulting website akin to the XML design powering my main personal site.

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