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I will work as hard for Barack Obama as he has worked for me..

In the weeks ahead when I encounter insane lies and distortions about the President’s record, I will shrug and make vague yet eloquent statements on the need to “come together” and “effect real change”.

In the days ahead, when I am told by OFA and the DNC how important it is to support them so we can keep moving forward, I will smile in a genuine and empathetic manner. Then say how I understand how they might feel my support hasn’t come quickly enough or doesn’t seem strong enough. But I will then mention how I have all these other things on “my plate” right now, but I PROMISE I will get around to supporting them really soon.

On Election Day, When I am urged to get out and vote and to pick up the phone and urge my friends to vote for the Democrats, I will instead, spend that time talking to my other friends about their basketball game.

And over the next Two Years, as the Republican Majority in both houses of Congress turns the Obama Administration into a lame duck, and OFA and the DNC complain to me about it, I will smile sympathetically and say they need to understand the “current reality”, and remind them of all the support I have given them in the past, and how that should be enough for them right now.

I will give President Obama and Democratic Party the same unwavering commitment that they have given me as an LGBT American.

via AMERICAblog: Now that DADT, DOMA and ENDA are all dead….

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