Fiction added, poetry next…

I’ve been on a roll here and have posted not only a bunch of my previously posted fiction, but a bit more than before.  A newly posted story, ‘Surreal,’ is one I recovered from some ancient files, fixed up a bit and just put out there.

In the novels section, there are the first three chapters of a complete book manuscript (Prophecy’s Door: The Wilder), the prologue of another (The Gandhi Gene), and the first three chapters of my most active work-in-progress, Indistinguishable (previously, I had posted only the first chapter).

I’ll get to the poetry soon.  Then once it’s all done, I’ll go back to the main site and probably take ’em down from there.

Oh and yes — the ‘Random Quote’ widget over on the right will randomly pick among a hundred or so quotes I’ve fed into it.

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