All talk, no walk – again

When people want to know why I’m down on the Obama Administration, it’s because stuff like this is just part of a pattern — whatever they promised, we get the opposite and a whole lot of happy talk about how we liberal lefties should just shut up already.

FDL Action » White House ‘Official’ Bad Mouths Labor Leader For Expecting Obama To Keep His Promises
Looking back at Obama’s campaign health care plan, it is shocking how many promises he broke without a fight. Obama promised:

* A new national health exchange open to all Americans
* A new public plan available to all Americans to compete with private insurance
* An employer mandate to provide health insurance
* A minimum medical loss ratio for insurance companies
* To allow people to import cheaper drugs from Canada or Europe
* To repeal the ban that prevents the government from directly negotiating with drug companies

Note none of these promise are part of the Senate Finance Committee bill. Obama has made no effort to fight for the inclusion of some of these (public option, employer mandate, minimum medical loss ratio) and months ago even made secret deals vowing to actively work to kill drug re-importation and direct drug price negotiation.

During the election Obama actively campaigned against two policies. One was the individual mandate favored by Hillary Clinton (and the health insurance industry) and the other was a tax on employer-provided health insurance which was also supported by John McCain. These two issues are now part of the Baucus bill. Since taking office, Obama has spent dramatically more time and political capital fighting hard to include these two provisions that he opposed than he has spent trying to include top progressive/labor union priorities that he supported, like the public option.

(emphasis mine)  Hey, nobody likes being lied to.

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