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Palin Lawyer Threatens To Serve Libel Papers At Kindergarten
Sarah Palin’s lawyer threatened to serve a blogger with libel papers at the kindergarten where he works for writing a post saying the former Alaska governor was getting divorced.

Once again, Palin proves she’s entirely too thin-skinned for politics…or any public role, for that matter.

It’s made me wonder if she wasn’t entirely fabricating when, in response to being asked in an interview what newspapers and magazines she read, Palin responded, “All of them.”  As in, sure, she reads all of ’em — scouring each and every one for stories about herself.  (“Ooooh!  They’re callin’ me a maverick again!”  (pause)  “Oh noes! They said I quit for money!  I’ll call Tommy (Van Flein), see if we got a case here.”)

Every time someone of any prominence says or posts something that offends ex-Gov Palin — theories as to why she quit, a Photoshopped picture of her & Trig, Letterman’s ‘Top 10’ list, and now this — she hauls out the lawsuit brickbat.

All the while totally obvious to her own unintentional self-parody*…

(* I swear, in that shot she looks like a mash-up between Maryann from Gilligan’s Island and a MilitiaGirl Pin-up Calendar Poster.  In the rest, she gives every appearance of desperately trying to convince the world she’s still as fit & pretty as she was way back when she won 1st Runner Up in the Miss Alaska competition.)

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