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By the way, I think I may have blogged about this before, but it bears repeating:  For authors using Windows as their PC platform, Treepad is one of the best tools out there for organizing, keeping track of projects, and book development.  (They also have a more basic version available for Linux/Wine.)

I’ve tried MindMap — and not only do I seem to lack the requisite visual orientation, I just can’t cram enough information into a given map for it to be of use. Good for brainstorming, but I just can’t make it work as a tool for organizing a complex novel.

Treepad, on the other hand, uses a tree/branch/node structure that lets me track as much or as little information as I need — text, graphics, tables — and to organize it however I need.  Character outlines, place descriptions, timelines, maps, world history, notes & To Do lists…it’s all easy to track for those such as myself who like organized lists and hierarchies.

I’ve bought a license for the Enterprise Edition, Single User in late 2004, and nearly five years later it’s still one of the main tools I install on any new computer I own.  Great thing, too, is the license is perpetual: Free updates forever.

For those who might be curious, they have a  freeware version available, with a reduced but not crippling set of features.  And all the other versions have a fully-functional 21 day trial.

My own experience was I tried the free version for a couple days, then immediately knew it was THE tool for me, and that I wanted the larger database size support (8 GB back when I bought the Enterprise Edition, now up to 12GB) and the ability to have multiple DBs open at once.

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