Guru Purnima in Penukonda 2009

There’s a fair number of folks whom I know are signed up for the Guru Purnima program this year at the Penukonda ashram.  If by some chance your Google/Bing/Yahoo searches have brought you this way, you might want to check out the archive and/or category section of this blog.  In particular, this section/category:

And there’s another post I put up, about Enjoying an Ashram Stay, which I wrote last year.  It’s chock full of useful tips on what to bring and what to buy.

We ourselves — Stephanie and I — aren’t going to the Guru Purnima program this year, in large part because we just got back to the States after 3 years at the ashram.  Not only haven’t we completely moved in to our new house, we’re in the process yet of building a new spiritual community in New Mexico, with the blessings and encouragement of our teacher, Sri Kaleshwar.

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