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Looks like I was correct. Over the weekend, John Aravosis announced that he was indeed leaving blogging. As I said in my previous post, this isn't surprising. Ten years ago, it was possible to really make a splash in what … Continue reading

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Back again

(((dusts off the place…))) Continue reading

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Boston bombing

Open message to the perpetrators: I don't know who you are or what your cause might be or what you think your justifications for your act of horrific violence might have been. I don't care. Nobody cares. You will never … Continue reading

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9 years and counting: Opportunity

I just saw in the news how the Opportunity rover on Mars just entered into its 10th year of operation, with what its NASA operators say is still remarkably good electronic and mechanical health. That's 108 months. Both it and … Continue reading

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When 27 is greater than 52…

To give you a sense, 27% of our users (measured by % of visits) use Macs, compared to 52% who use Windows. Another 15% use some Apple mobile device. So as you can see, our audience tilts heavily in the … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Sri Kaleshwar Swami – 15 March 2012

Today, we received the sad news that our spiritual teacher, Sri Kaleshwar, had passed away (taken maha samadi). He'd been ill for the last few years, and very recently had been admitted to a Bangalore hospital in serious condition. Sri … Continue reading

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Banco Santander: The Epitome of Bankster Evil

I'd thought Citibank, Wells Fargo, US Bank and others had rightly deserved reputations as near (or fully) criminal enterprises, the mutant bastard offspring of what used to be the banking industry, but apparently there's at least one international banking corporation … Continue reading

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Let me…

…make something clear, again. Since I began posting on Left Perspectives, a few….trolls… have wandered over here thinking they could hurl epithets and stupid names at me in the comments to my posts, on my blog. Stuff that makes it … Continue reading

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New part-time digs

BTW, I've been asked to join a small group of bloggers at a new site, Left Perspectives. Not sure what'll transpire, but the founder has tapped a rather eclectic and openly liberal bunch. Could be interesting.

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A parable:  A man lies on a bed, weak and infirm, and dying of congestive lung failure, connected to a respirator.  He can barely breathe, with every inhalation an effort.  Everyone is arguing about what to do when a quack … Continue reading

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