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As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

My most favorite Thanksgiving video ever.   Happy Thanksgiving – WKRP Turkey Drop – kewego   For those who can't view the video due to it being blocked or inaccessible, there is a full-episode (but advertisement interrupted) version via Bing … Continue reading

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Tinkerer at heart

So far the Beast is operating all right. I've had a few minor hiccups along the way; for instance, one software install (not even sure which one) last week messed up my Internet connection settings — but only for Internet … Continue reading

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Logitech G13 Gamepad + iTunes 10.5 fix

NOTE: As of iTunes 10.6, it looks like they went and changed the regkey value back to 'iTunes' from 'iTWindow'. Makes this here post obsolete, unless you happen to be running iTunes 10.5. This information will only be of use … Continue reading

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Let me…

…make something clear, again. Since I began posting on Left Perspectives, a few….trolls… have wandered over here thinking they could hurl epithets and stupid names at me in the comments to my posts, on my blog. Stuff that makes it … Continue reading

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The Beast

I've nicknamed my new creation The Beast, which will replace the 3 year old computer I've lately been calling The Bucket. Ten marks (or cubits or quatloos) to whoever can guess the actual name I'll give the new computer once … Continue reading

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New part-time digs

BTW, I've been asked to join a small group of bloggers at a new site, Left Perspectives. Not sure what'll transpire, but the founder has tapped a rather eclectic and openly liberal bunch. Could be interesting.

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Windows product recommendation: Chronowall

I don't think I've seen many people who didn't put up some kind of desktop wallpaper on their computer, whether it be desktop or laptop or tablet.  Windows 7 itself even has a timer thing that will cycle through a … Continue reading

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Note to self–

Cleaning and vacuum-sealing 35 lbs of freshly roasted Hatch chiles while not wearing gloves is not a very smart thing to do. Thank the FSM for the Internet and the helpful advice for getting the capsaisin oils off of my … Continue reading

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A parable:  A man lies on a bed, weak and infirm, and dying of congestive lung failure, connected to a respirator.  He can barely breathe, with every inhalation an effort.  Everyone is arguing about what to do when a quack … Continue reading

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…is what global-warming related climate change looks like. A system of violent thunderstorms roared across the nation’s midsection Tuesday and Wednesday, killing at least eight people in three states as giant tornadoes caused extensive damage yet again. The high-powered storms … Continue reading

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