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Let me…

…make something clear, again. Since I began posting on Left Perspectives, a few….trolls… have wandered over here thinking they could hurl epithets and stupid names at me in the comments to my posts, on my blog. Stuff that makes it … Continue reading

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The Beast

I've nicknamed my new creation The Beast, which will replace the 3 year old computer I've lately been calling The Bucket. Ten marks (or cubits or quatloos) to whoever can guess the actual name I'll give the new computer once … Continue reading

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New part-time digs

BTW, I've been asked to join a small group of bloggers at a new site, Left Perspectives. Not sure what'll transpire, but the founder has tapped a rather eclectic and openly liberal bunch. Could be interesting.

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Windows product recommendation: Chronowall

I don't think I've seen many people who didn't put up some kind of desktop wallpaper on their computer, whether it be desktop or laptop or tablet.  Windows 7 itself even has a timer thing that will cycle through a … Continue reading

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Note to self–

Cleaning and vacuum-sealing 35 lbs of freshly roasted Hatch chiles while not wearing gloves is not a very smart thing to do. Thank the FSM for the Internet and the helpful advice for getting the capsaisin oils off of my … Continue reading

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A parable:  A man lies on a bed, weak and infirm, and dying of congestive lung failure, connected to a respirator.  He can barely breathe, with every inhalation an effort.  Everyone is arguing about what to do when a quack … Continue reading

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…is what global-warming related climate change looks like. A system of violent thunderstorms roared across the nation’s midsection Tuesday and Wednesday, killing at least eight people in three states as giant tornadoes caused extensive damage yet again. The high-powered storms … Continue reading

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Apocarapture Now!

Ah, sweet Oblivion, blessed Nirvana.  Looks like my ticket transfer went through, so my special Rapture(tm) package took me instead to the Buddhist heaven — which means I'm off the wheel!  Yay!  So long suckas!  Woohoo! (This was intended to … Continue reading

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Call & Response

Pretty much any critique or complaint from the radical right and neocons about a certain recent event can be answered with, "We thought you guys said you actually wanted Osama Bin Laden dead.  Or were you lying about that all … Continue reading

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In which the vengeance of God is justly meted out on earth | Sarah, Proud and Tall

I can barely credit that they have made a movie from that turgid nonsense by Ayn Rand. I have about eighteen copies of “Atlas Shrugged” – all signed in that self-consciously spiky handwriting of hers. Every Christmas from 1957 onwards, … Continue reading

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