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Anyway, I'm blogging over on these days. Much more enjoyable to have hundreds, if not thousands of readers.

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Boston bombing

Open message to the perpetrators: I don't know who you are or what your cause might be or what you think your justifications for your act of horrific violence might have been. I don't care. Nobody cares. You will never … Continue reading

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9 years and counting: Opportunity

I just saw in the news how the Opportunity rover on Mars just entered into its 10th year of operation, with what its NASA operators say is still remarkably good electronic and mechanical health. That's 108 months. Both it and … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…

…that we've moved, and thus the little weather widget in the right-side column now reports from our new weather station location in Tijeras, NM. We're both really, really hoping this is the last relocation for a very long time.

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A few things…

First of all, gonna… well, not exactly eat crow, but issue a correction. I did, in fact, get Windows 8 Pro and installed it on my system, and I only find it about 33% sucky. Best fix of all was … Continue reading

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Windows 8…

These are just my opinions here, but I'm feeling a bit of deja vu here regarding Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Surface tablets. The Surface reminds me of the Zune, which was a product line intended to compete directly … Continue reading

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My summer project – finally done

Back when we were living in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, one winter there was a horrifically bad wind/rainstorm. Even from the house, we could hear loud crashes from down on our 10 acre plot of mixed oak, madrone, … Continue reading

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Perfect Paneer

While living over in India, my spouse and I first learned of paneer, and grew to love it. Essentially, it's close to cottage cheese, except with all the liquid removed and the resulting curds often pressed into a more solid … Continue reading

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When 27 is greater than 52…

To give you a sense, 27% of our users (measured by % of visits) use Macs, compared to 52% who use Windows. Another 15% use some Apple mobile device. So as you can see, our audience tilts heavily in the … Continue reading

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An unexpected encounter

Stephanie and I were out hiking the local Placitas NM hills today, mainly looking for signs of springtime growth — found interesting flowers, cactii just beginning to wake up. And while approaching the top of a low, rocky hilltop, I … Continue reading

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